1-Minute Exercises To Lose Belly Fat and Tone Your Waist


If you’re looking to lose your belly fat with exercise, here is an excellent video for you!

This is a 12-min workout session that aims to burn the fat in your stomach to give you a slimmer, leaner belly. This is a compilation of 1-min exercises and cardio routines like the Punches, Side Plank Pulse, Russian Twist, and the Jumping Jacks. They’re quite intensive and each routine lasts for 1-min long so you really have to be at your absolute physical best to be able to do this workout!

You’ll be able to burn so much calories with this workout for every session you do but since it’s quite intensive, you may need to take it easy especially if you’re a beginner. And since this lasts for 12mins, some of you may feel that it’s tiring to come back again tomorrow or do it on a daily basis. That’s ok! You can do this at least 4x a week and do a quick workout on the days in between.

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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