BajheeraIRL – Diet Basics for Fat Loss/Muscle Gain – Vitagoods Food Scale 50% Off! :D


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Been getting the “How do I lose fat/Gain Muscle?” question a lot on stream recently so I wanted to make a quick video going over the basics for you! 😀

1. Get a Food Scale (Food Scale: Link: Use Code: bajkitchen) so you can weigh your food.

2. Learn to use an app like to keep track of your calories & macros for the day.

3. Get an estimate of where to start in terms of caloric intake & macro balance (MyFitnessPal can get you started, but you will probably want to adjust)

4. Fat Loss = Eat 500-600 Calories less than you burn (Baseline + Exercise)

Muscle Gain = Eat 300 Calories more than you burn (Baseline + Exercise)

5. If you’re not seeing progress (1lb weight loss per week) OR (.5 lb weight gain per week) adjust your calories by 50/100 per day!

Keep in mind I’m not a professional and don’t pretend to be, but hopefully this basic info helps you get started! 😀



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