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Buy Nalangu Maavu / Ayurvedic & Herbal bath powder from our store.

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Our baby products are made with extreme care & hygiene which is very safe for your little one.
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Nalangu maavu or Herbal bath powder or Ubtan powder is mainly recommended for newborn babies, infants, toddlers and ladies.
Ladies can use this powder as herbal face pack.

Benefits of Nalangu maavu or Ayurvedic / Herbal bath powder:
1) They have 100% Natural & Herbal Ingredients.
2) Skin Friendly.
3) No Artificial Fragrance.
4) Homemade bath powder for removing unwanted newborn baby hairs.
5) Increases skin tone.
6) Cures skin infections,blemishes & Inflammations.
7) Herbal powder is the best for the treatment of diaper rash.
8) Keeps the skin moisturized all day and provide good fragrance throughout the day..
9). It cleanses the body and remove excess oiliness from the skin protecting the natural oils.
10). It will help maintain the skin’s PH balance.
11). Herbal powder also reduce body heat and reduce developing heat rash.
12). It will reduce body odours from sweats.
13). Nalangu maavu acts as an excellent skin exfoliator and skin toner.
14). It rejuvenates the skin and make the skin very soft & supple.
15). They have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which fights against the germs and bacteria protecting the skin.

If the herbal bath powder is used regularly, the skin will become radiant and flawless.The skin will not get damaged from UV rays.Regular use will also reduce acne problems. It will reduce and prevent the growth of facial hairs.

Note: Do not mix milk or curd in herbal powder / nalangu maavu. Milk will produce lactic acid which contains bacteria. If exposed to sunlight after using herbal powder with milk or curd, skin will get damaged or will get rash.
It can be mixed with normal water or rose water.

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