Sascha Is Addicted to Food and Ashamed of Herself | Fat Doctor | Only Human


Sacha Whitehead is 32-years old and weighs over 30 stone. She is super morbidly obese and addicted to food. Sacha lives with her nine-year old son, Lewis, who is also overweight. Her weight is ruining her life – she is so ashamed of her size, she refuses to get out of the car when she picks up Lewis from school – fearing he will get bullied as a result. Her decision to undergo surgery was prompted by the realisation that she would only survive a maximum of five years without any surgery. She is petrified of dying on the operating table and leaving her son alone.

Fat Doctor goes on a remarkable journey following the patients of three of Britain’s most sought after weight loss surgeons. It focuses on the obese patients who undergo the operations and discovers why they became obese and the impact life changing and often life saving weight loss surgery has on their lives. We find out what their lives are like now and how this has affected their physical, social and psychological lives.

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