Weight Loss – 8 hr Sleep Hypnosis – Stop / Ban Emotional Eating (subliminal)


Listen to this 8 hour weight loss sleep hypnosis track NIGHTLY to reprogram your powerful subconscious mind to ban & stop emotional eating.

Through powerful weight loss audible suggestions for the first 25 minutes which help you fall asleep – THEN subliminal suggestions for the next 7.5 hours – your mind will be effortlessly focused and retrained for:

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banning & stopping emotional eating
regaining control
balancing all aspects of your life
eating healthy foods in moderation
working out & taking care of your body
asking for support
taking care of yourself and loving yourself
weight loss.

AUDIBLE suggestions which are designed to help you sleep and feel more relaxed and in control begin the track. Then SUBLIMINAL suggestions for banning emotional eating and all the topics above including weight loss commence for the next 7 1/2 hours.

SUBLIMINAL means the spoken suggestions are just beneath the music. You may the voice as a sort of whisper when the music dips. Your subconscious mind easily registers the powerful suggestions for healthy change even though it’s quiet and even though you’re sleeping.

Successful weight loss and being able to stop and ban emotional eating means getting control of your inner state of mind and your outer actions.

Like working out in a gym, it’s NOT a “one and done” process. It’s a lifetime of staying in the right mental and emotional state through mental practice like using this weight loss hypnosis track

Keep listening and flooding your mind while you sleep to this 8 hour ban emotional eating track EACH NIGHT until you feel in control and your body shifts to your ideal weight then switch to a maintenance regimen of listening but less often.

During the day I recommend listening to one of my shorter tracks on successful weight loss like this one:

Daily Weight Loss Hypnosis BOOSTER: https://youtu.be/LyNlysg5uU4


“All your choices are healthy now so choosing healthy food options is the natural choice

I choose healthy food options at home
I choose healthy food options at work
I choose healthy food options at restaurants
I choose healthy food options at night
I choose healthy food options during the day
I choose healthy food options at all times and in all places now

You remove all junk food from your home
You banish unhealthy food and sweets and snacks from your home
You keep your distance from junk food
You surround yourself with healthy food options at home, work and play

I now interpret pleasure as meaning movies, art, loving physical contact with others, sports, nature, hobbies and satisfying accomplishments.

When something bothers me, I take action to change the situation, even if change takes time or I accept the situation and move on

I take care of my body
I take care of my mind
I take care of my emotions

My body releases the old weight and becomes healthy, energetic, slim and sexy

I give myself healthy relationships
I give myself rest and relaxation
I give myself exercise, nature and time to move my body
I give myself healthy food and clean water
These are my rewards in life and I feel a surge of optimism

I am filled to the brim with feelings of love, worthiness and optimism
My mind is clear and my body is full of happiness, love and joy

I feed myself clean, healthy foods to experience clean radiant health and vitality
I feed myself uplifting conversations, images and ideas to experience optimism and joy
I see, hear and feel the good in life to feel the good inside of my mind and body”

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Disclaimer: This video is for information and educational purposes only not as a substitute for qualified medical or psychological intervention or assistance. Do not drive or operate potentially dangerous equipment while listening.



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